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I Care Social Care UK Ltd aims to provide quality, affordable Training, Consultancy and Specialist Assessment services to a wide spectrum of statutory, voluntary and private organisations and individuals.

We provide independent recognised accredited courses.
We are highly skilled, Qualified HCPC Registered Social Workers and Trainers with Experience of working across a range of boroughs and teams in the UK. We have a multitude of Experience in Safeguarding and working with Children and Families. We also have extensive experience in Consultancy and undertaking Assessments with a wide range of service users so we can confidently provide high quality services reflective of this.

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We offer very professional courses, tailored to suit your learning needs. Why not get in touch and email us on info@icaresocialcare.co.uk  or give us a call on our duty number 07940190013

A member of the team will contact you within 24 hours.

We cater to you

If you would like to book training with us, please specify if you have any learning, dietry or access requirements.

Fast Response

We aim to respond within 24hours with available date, time and venue for courses.


All courses are based within London and we have a variety of locations where courses are held to ensure all the needs of our delegates are met.

All Included

All courses come with free lunch, training manual and note pad and pen.

Additional Equipment

Specialist courses come with additional course material and are priced at very reasonable rates.

Referral Rewards

We offer a small bonus to individuals who refer others to us and recruitment agencies who refer delegates.

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